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SKU: SW-143-A0
Tags: Dinner, Vegan

Short Hooded Coat features a straight body, large pockets with button flaps, ventilation air holes, and a string detail along the hemline. The style is completed with a drawstring hood, featuring Rains’ signature built-in cap. Made from waterproof, matte PU, this lightweight unisex rain jacket is an ode to nostalgia through its classic silhouette and utilitarian design details.

- Casual unisex fit

- 64% polyester, 36% polyurethane

- Water column pressure: 4000 mm

- Model is 187cm tall and wearing a size S / M

- Unisex fit

- Drawstring hood with built-in cap

- Front placket with snap buttons

- Ventilation under armpit

- Adjustable cuffs

- Double welted front pockets

- Adjustable elastic string at hempen

- Ultrasonically welded seams

This is a unisex item, please check our clothing & footwear sizing guide for specific Rains jacket sizing information. RAINS comes from the rainy nation of Denmark at the edge of the European continent, close to the ocean and with prevailing westerly winds; all factors that contribute to an average of 121 rain days each year. Arising from these rainy weather conditions comes the attitude that a quick rain shower may be beautiful, as well as moody- but first and foremost requires the right outfit. Rains focus on the whole experience of going outside on rainy days, issuing an invitation to explore even in the most mercurial weather.

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3.25 out of 5
3 months ago

The code is good, in general, if you like it, can you give it 5 stars?
Mr. Roberto Paucek DVM

Mr. Roberto Paucek DVM

3 months ago

It's not my first experience here on Codecanyon and I can honestly tell you all that Botble puts a LOT of effort into the support. They answer so fast, they helped me tons of times. REALLY by far THE BEST EXPERIENCE on Codecanyon. Those guys at Botble are so good that they deserve 5 stars. I recommend them, I trust them and I can't wait to see what they will sell in a near future. Thank you Botble :)
Gaetano Wiza

Gaetano Wiza

3 months ago

Great system, great support, good job Botble. I'm looking forward to more great functional plugins.
Wilber Anderson

Wilber Anderson

3 months ago

Second or third time that I buy a Botble product, happy with the products and support. You guys do a good job :)
Dion Stiedemann

Dion Stiedemann

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